Bud Black Would Have Pulled Randy Wolf with a No-Hitter Intact

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Apr 17th 2008 12:30PM by Will Brinson
Not to go all Dusty Baker on you here, but I tend to think that regardless of how many pitches the guy on the mound has racked up in a game, if he is throwing a no hitter, he deserves a chance to stay in there and keep toeing the rubber until either he gives up a hit, he throws the no-no or his arm falls off. Bud Black does not see things from the same point of view that I do. From his MLB.com chat with the fans, re: Randy Wolf:
Would you have pulled Randy Wolfe [] yesterday after 7 innings if he had still been throwing a no hitter?
Good question. Yes I would have. The reason being, first of all, Randy’s pitch count was getting to that point where I felt he was being pushed physically. The early innings were quite taxing on him. Coming off shoulder surgery in September, I didn’t deem it necessary for him to try to throw a no-hitter at the expense of risking a pitcher who might be tiring into his 130th to 140th pitch to go nine innings. In the back of my mind, I was hoping for a combined no-hitter, but it is so tough to throw one at any level.

Bear in mind now, that the San Diego Padres, in the history of their franchise, do not have a no hitter. And Randy Wolf would have gotten one too, were it not for those nosy kids. (Quick aside: is there anything worse than their constant look-ins at no-no’s? Could you possibly jinx them anymore, Karl?)
Actually, I guess in this case, he wouldn’t have. Granted, Wolf does not seem like the type of guy that’s going to keep a team off the board for an entire nine innings — especially a team like the Rockies — but he came darn close. And Black’s line of thinking is pretty reasonable actually. Wolf had 112 pitches through seven innings (with one hit, obviously) but you gotta think he’d be pretty furious getting pulled only six outs off such a huge accomplishment.

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