Greg Maddux Is Not Human

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Apr 13th 2008 12:17PM by Eamonn Brennan
The more Greg Maddux has progressed through the old-man stage of his career, the more respect I’ve slowly fostered for him. He was amazing in the mid-90’s, but I wasn’t really old enough to appreciate it fully. A quick glance at his ERA+’s from 1992 through 2000 pretty much paints the picture — Greg Maddux was one of the all-time greats. And that’s not to mention that whole, ahem, steroids-era thing.

But as Maddux has grown older, so has his legend. He’s not just overpowering anymore; he’s a brilliant, confounding tactician, able to place the ball anywhere and get hitters to bite at 75 mph change-ups. It’s incredible to watch.

Just as incredible, one assumes, as seeing the beginning of this fun little story from Tim Keown in ESPN the Magazine. Keown apparently witnessed one of the more dangerous, and amazing, feats of athletic brilliance: Ben Risinger caught Greg Maddux .

Read the story for the full details. It’s just as amazing as you’d assume.

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